6 Benefits That Patients and Doctors Can Enjoy When Using Telemedicine

where is telehealth used

The year 2020 saw a sharp increase in the number of doctors and patients using telemedicine. Yet many people still struggle with the question, ‘where is telehealth used?’  In addition, some doctors and their patients are still unclear on the benefits of telehealth applications.

Read on to find out why telemedicine is the fastest growing global segment of the healthcare industry:

Access to Specialists

Reaching a doctor or a specialist to book an appointment is not always easy and can wait months before they are able to see a medical specialist or provider.  Telehealth is helping improve access to doctors and specialists by streamlining the appointment process and reducing the length of time it takes to see a physician. Some applications allow individuals to connect with the doctor 24/7.

Cheaper than In-Person Visits

An in-person doctor’s visit can be costly even with insurance. Telemedicine is a safe, effective, and low-cost alternative to the traditional clinic or office visit.

Cut Down Overhead Costs

Doctors can reduce facility, staff payroll, and other overhead expenses when choosing telemedicine over in-person visits with their patients. 

Access to Quality Healthcare for Rural or Remote Areas 

Quality medical care is often available for those living in rural and/or remote areas.  Telehealth platforms help connect these areas with the best doctors and specialists to ensure the best treatment possible.

Good Bye to Pathogens

Medical facilities are places where those suffering from diseases visit to receive treatment. Despite diligent sanitary practices in medical facilities, the risk of diseases such as COVID-19 and other prevalent viruses remains. Telemedicine eliminates the risk by allowing you to conduct your medical visit in your home. 

Mid-Night Care for Children

Many parents rely on internet sites for information when their children get sick at night however, you can connect with a doctor via telemedicine 24/7.  In addition, doctors can treat your child without ever having to remove them from their bed!

Where is telehealth used? This article sums up just some of the benefits that come from using telemedicine. 

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