7 Telemedicine Etiquette Tips That Everyone Should Know

How to do a virtual doctor's visit?

Today, telemedicine is more popular than ever. No more booking appointments and waiting months to see your doctor. No more waiting in a crowded waiting room. Patients now enjoy receiving quality medical care in the comfort of their own homes.  If you’ve never experienced a virtual doctor’s visit, you may be wondering what it entails. If you are struggling with the question,’ How to do a virtual doctor’s visit?’ don’t worry, we can help.

Following a few helpful tips before, during, and after your telemedicine visit that will ensure the meeting goes smoothly:  

High-Quality Webcam and Microphone

Ensure that the mobile device you are using has a good front camera and microphone (mic). If you are using a desktop, ensure you purchase a high-quality webcam and mic. Test the webcam and mic in advance of the call to ensure it is functioning well. Doing this early will allow you to make any necessary adjustments prior to the call. 

Use Telemedicine Platform that Is of Good Quality

The telemedicine platform you use is going to determine the quality of your experience. Take time to research various telehealth platforms – consulting a platform’s online reviews is especially helpful.  Always check the software prior to your doctor’s call to ensure everything is working correctly.

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Be Ready for the Call Early

Do not join the meeting late. Ensure you are available for the meeting ten to five minutes prior to the appointment, and then join the meeting a few mins earlier to ensure there are not technical snags.

Use A Quiet Space

Always ensure you take the call on your mobile device in a quiet place. Sit in an area that prevents the doctor from getting distracted by people walking by or loud noises in the background. If your condition allows, sit properly in a chair instead of lying on the bed or sofa.

Place Webcam at Eye Level

Both the doctor and the patient should ensure the webcam is positioned in a manner that captures their full face.  Eye contact is important during a telemedicine call as it enhances communication between doctor and patient. 

Communicate Before Doing Anything

Meeting a patient at the office is different than meeting them online. You should always indicate what you are going to do before acting. For example, if you are taking notes, inform the patient so they know you are not distracted or have no interest in listening to them.

Clear Communication Solves Lot of Problems

Just as you would prior to an office visit, prepare a list of things you would like to discuss beforehand and checkmark them when you complete asking. Doctors and specialists should communicate to the patient any diagnostics, reports, or prescriptions and clarify to confirm they understand.

How to do a virtual doctor’s visit? Simply follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a pleasant experience connecting on the telemedicine platform.

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